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Movies and music clips from shows with the acoustictrance


With Bhollu, William, Prabhu



Movies and muisc clips from shows with various casts

Acoustictrance with Erich Lehna – guitar and sounds, Bhollu (Kooldeep from Bhagsu Nag/India) – Didgeridoo and percussion, William Soloman – drums and percussion and Prabhjot Singh Prabhu vocals.
The elements of light show with Eric – Guitar and sounds, Bhollu – didgeridoo and the great dancers from Amayama Malu + Joem.

Ombelico with Erich Lehna – guitar, Alfonso Gravina – Didgeridoo and percussion, Shamsudeen Adee – african percussion

the Acoustictrance live – African dance

Erich and Bhollu – Arial